Important Facts About the American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair originated in upstate New York around 1966 from a naturally-occurring fur mutation. The first American Wirehair kitten was named Adams of Hi-Fi and was purchased by a Rex breeder. The breed was created largely in part through interbreeding with American Shorthairs. American Shorthairs are still allowed to outcross within the American Wirehair breed.


If you’re thinking of getting an American Wirehair cat, you might want to get familiar with some of its common health problems so that you can deal with them promptly. This type of cat is prone to heart disease, so you’ll want to take him to the veterinarian regularly for checkups. It’s also important to regularly brush your cat’s teeth and trim his nails.

One of the most common health problems of this breed is Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or PRA. This disease destroys the cat’s retinas and ultimately results in total blindness. This condition often develops in American Wirehair cats when they’re just one or two years old. Early symptoms include disorientation and bumping into objects. Your vet can prescribe medications or surgery to relieve the pain.

The American Wirehair cat is a playful, intelligent breed. They love playing and grooming themselves. They can be either male or female. While they’re laid back and easygoing, they still have a strong hunting instinct. They’ll hunt insects or birds and will even enter the house to hunt.

American Wirehair cats were first recognized in the United States in the 1960s. The breed has since gone on to become a popular breed in Germany and Canada, but are still rare in Australia and Britain. If you’ve been wondering what a wirehair looks like, you can read this article to learn more.

The American Wirehair is a medium-sized feline with a wiry coat. It first appeared as a kitten in upstate New York, when a cat breeder named Joan O’Shea crossed a male wirehair with a neighboring female cat. The kittens were born with an unusual wiry coat, and the breeder began breeding the male with the female to create a line of wirehair kittens.

American Wirehair cats are medium to large in size and have round, slightly upward-facing eyes. The upper lid is a half almond shape and the lower lid has a full rounded curve. Like the American Shorthair, American Wirehair cats have an abstract aesthetic ideal. Their wiry hair is the result of a genetic mutation, but because of the incomplete nature of the dominant gene, not all kittens will have the same coat texture.

Health care

American Wirehair cats are prone to several common health problems. One of the most common of these is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease characterized by thickened muscle walls in the heart. This condition can be detected with an echocardiogram. Unfortunately, no breeder can guarantee that American Wirehair cats are free from this disease, so you must do your research and ask questions before buying a kitten.

Vaccines and regular dental care are essential for your American Wirehair cat’s overall health. They can develop dental diseases, such as gingivitis and tartar buildup. This can lead to tooth and gum infections and may damage the internal organs. In addition, this breed is prone to bacterial and viral infections such as feline herpes virus and calicivirus. Both of these viruses are serious, but preventable by vaccination. Rabies is also preventable by vaccination, and the FeLV vaccine protects against feline leukemia.

American Wirehair cats are prone to parasites, and regular bathing can help keep them healthy. They are susceptible to fleas, ticks, and ear mites. They can also catch hookworms, which are parasites that attack the internal organs. Regular bathing will keep your cat looking and feeling clean and comfortable.

A wire haired cat’s coat is naturally brushed out, but it is still important to keep its nails trimmed at least twice a year. However, if you have sensitive skin or allergies, it may be wise to consult with a vet before bringing a cat home. It is also important to note that an American Wirehair cat’s coat is not hypoallergenic, so your vet should be your first source of information.

The American Wirehair is a rare cat breed. It was created by a mutation of farm cats and was quickly adopted by breeders. It has an expressive, gold eye, and a round face. It is playful and makes a great companion for single people. If you’re thinking of getting a wirehair cat, now is the time to take care of it. Just make sure you keep it indoors.

American Wirehair cats do well with children and other pets. You must be patient when dealing with a wirehair cat. You must also keep in mind that they can be destructive until they reach their adulthood. If you’re interested in bringing an American Wirehair home, you should consider purchasing a kitten from a breeder.

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