Marie Kondo Tidying Tips

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method can help you tidy your home, but there are some basic rules to follow in order to keep your home tidy. First of all, organize your items by category, not by location. Second, keep smaller boxes in drawers. These two rules are crucial for a clutter-free home.

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method

The KonMari method of tidying is a systematic approach to decluttering your home. It encourages you to declutter by category, starting with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, and komono, or sentimental items. The goal is to create an environment that sparks joy and reduces clutter.

The first step is to decide what items in your home spark joy. To do this, gather all of your items into a pile and ask yourself, ‘Does this spark joy?’ This will help you identify which items you want to keep and which ones you don’t.

The KonMari method encourages you to choose only those things in your life that spark joy. It also encourages you to visualize your goals and discard things that don’t contribute to your life. According to Marie Kondo, this method not only leads to an organized home, but to a more organized lifestyle.

Clothes are one of the most time-consuming categories in the KonMari method. This is because you have to take the time to create a “vision board” for each piece of clothing. If you don’t want to spend time sorting your clothes, you can use shoeboxes as dividers.

While the KonMari Method is a comprehensive system, it will still take time to complete. Even if you’re a seasoned tidiness, it won’t be completed in one day. It might even take months before you’re finished!

Although Marie Kondo’s method isn’t a book, it can help you escape the tyranny of clutter. Rather than trying to fix a single room at a time, this method teaches you how to reset your life, and find happiness again.

Six basic rules to tidying up

The basic rule of Marie Kondo’s tidying method is to focus on what sparks joy and to discard anything that doesn’t. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re used to storing the same type of items in multiple locations. Instead, tidy by category and you’ll be surprised at how much time and effort you can save. Also, doing it this way improves your decision-making skills.

Marie Kondo recommends visualizing your life goals. She also suggests that you use the technique to set priorities and avoid impulsive purchases. In addition to visualizing your goals, you can visualize what you want your life to look like and how you can make that happen. You can do this by asking yourself what you love and hate about each object, and eliminating anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

Once you’ve sorted out your priorities, it’s time to decide how to organize your belongings. Using the KonMari method encourages you to clean by category, starting with clothes. You can then move on to papers, books, and sentimental items. The KonMari method also encourages you to keep only items that speak to your heart and are special.

Marie Kondo has created six basic rules of organizing your home. These principles are the foundation of her brand. By following these rules, you can organize your possessions in a way that sparks your joy. If you want to be more organized, you can follow these guidelines to make your home more functional and beautiful.

While decluttering your home can seem daunting, you can break it down into sections and subcategories to make it easier on yourself. By doing so, you’ll get more done in less time and waste less effort.

Organizing by category, not by location

One of Marie Kodo’s organizing tips is to organize your belongings by category, not by location. It’s a great way to avoid having a ton of stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere. The process can also be helpful for traveling.

Organizing by location makes a lot of sense, but it can also create a confusing overview of your possessions. For example, many people have a drawer dedicated to charger cables, but keep buying batteries because they can’t remember where they put them. Organizing by category solves this problem by making it much easier to determine what you have and keep duplicates to a minimum.

One of Marie Kodo’s most popular organizing tips is to organize by category, not by location. This method eliminates clutter by categorizing items based on their size. This means that you’ll have less things to deal with in the long run. If you’re new to organizing, this method may be perfect for you. She stresses that it’s best to organize similar-sized items.

Keeping your home tidy with smaller boxes in drawers

If you have a tendency to pile things in your drawers, try using smaller boxes to organize them. There are many drawer organizers available on the internet. These containers provide a home for knick-knacks, office supplies, and other small items. Creating a place for items is important, as it prevents the drawer from becoming overrun with junk. You should also always put things back when you have finished using them.

To keep things organized, keep them sorted. You can also make use of labels to keep track of which items you have stored in which drawers. When you start decluttering one drawer, you can transfer that habit to other compartments and areas of your house. It’s a good idea to regularly declutter these spaces to ensure that they remain clutter-free.

Letting go of items you don’t need anymore

When following Marie Kodo’s tidying tips, it’s important to understand your personal lifestyle and identify the things you no longer need. The Japanese expert stresses the importance of letting go of items that are no longer useful to you. This means selling, donating, or giving them away.

While it’s tempting to hang on to things that remind you of the past, Marie Kondo suggests that you get rid of them if they don’t spark joy. To do this, consider asking yourself when you last used an item.

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