Places to Go in Saint-Pierre

While visiting Saint-Pierre, it is important to know where to go and what to see. The island is home to a beautiful cathedral and Saint-Pierre’s oldest family distillery, Saga du Rhum. It also has a natural reserve for migratory birds and a museum.

Saga du Rhum is Saint-Pierre’s oldest family distillery

A visit to Saga du Rhum, Saint-Pierre’s oldest family distillery, is a fun way to learn about the history of rum production. The distillery offers guided tours and tastings of rums. Tours last approximately one hour and are guided by a certified rum specialist.

Saga du Rhum is the only rum museum on the island. Located on the grounds of the original Isautier distillery, Saga du Rhum tells the history of rum production and how the island developed. It also reveals the changing processes of rum production and its evolution over the centuries. The 75-minute tour includes a tasting of rum.

Saga du Rhum is the island’s oldest family distillery and museum. Tours include a museum about rum and the island’s history. You can also go on a self-guided tour where you can ask questions and learn more about rum-making. You can also visit the museum’s tasting room, where you can sample rums from the Isautier brand.

Located on the island’s south coast, Saint-Pierre is a lively town with impressive colonial landmarks, Creole culture, and bustling markets. If you’re looking for a break from Reunion’s natural attractions, a visit to Saint-Pierre is an excellent way to discover the island’s culture.

St. Pierre Cathedral

There are many places to go in San Pierre, including the historic Saint Pierre Cathedral. The cathedral has two towers with long spiral staircases and open-air balconies. You can go up to the North Tower to enjoy the view of the city while the South Tower has an open balcony. There is also a corridor connecting the two towers, which offers a view of the rooftop of the Cathedral.

You should also visit the Museum of Art and History, which is located 500 meters to the south-east of the Cathedral. It houses the most important artifacts from the Cathedral, including the original paintings and stained-glass windows. The treasury was inspired by a dramatic incident that happened in the Cathedral. According to Cecile Ouhlen, curator of historic monuments at the DRAC, the treasury has been an important step in the restoration of the Cathedral.

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral is an impressive building, towering over the city’s historic center. It has two towers and is almost 50 meters tall. Inside, you can see Gothic paintings and the Chapel of the Maccabee. The Maccabee Chapel was originally a schoolroom and storehouse, but it was remade as a chapel in 1878.

L’Arche is a natural reserve for migratory birds

This migratory bird reserve is in the northern part of Saint Pierre. Several species of migratory birds make their home on this island. Visitors to the reserve are also encouraged to visit the museum and Archives Department located here. The museum also contains a wide variety of objects from San Pierre’s history and is open year-round.

L’Arche is a museum

Visiting the L’Arche, a service archive and museum in San Pierre, is a great way to get a look at the city’s history. The museum also offers tours of the city. You can explore artistic and historical exhibits, as well as learn about the area’s history.

The museum is part of the L’Arche service archives and is run by the Collectivite territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. It features historical and artistic exhibits, as well as tours of the city. You can also meet the people who run the museum and ask them questions.

The museum is dedicated to the history of Saint-Pierre and is constantly expanding its collection, as locals donate items they inherited from their grandparents. It also has archaeologists who unearth ancient traces of human evolution. The museum houses a variety of collections, such as coins and stamps from the archipelago, as well as paintings by local artists.

The museum has a large collection of documents, including court decisions and estate purchases. Its basement is full of huge volumes that are organized neatly. The building, which dates back to 1776, is located under a curved roof reminiscent of a Chinese pagoda.

Canyoning is available in Saint-Pierre

If you’re looking for an extreme sport that’s different from surfing, you might like to try canyoning. This sport is available in several areas around the island, including Grand Anse beach, which is situated between Saint Pierre and the Piton de la Fournaise. The Piton de la Fournaise is a volcanic eruption site. Other activities to try while in Saint-Pierre include hiking, biking, and mountaineering.

You can learn to canyon in the region by following guided tours. Many of these tours are led by qualified instructors. Depending on your experience level, you can choose from a half-day course or a full-day course. If you’re unsure of how adventurous you are, a half-day course will help you get a feel for canyoning. The course is ideal for beginners, and includes small cascades, slides, and jumps. You can also opt for a full-day course that includes abseiling and a tyrolean traverse.

Most people can participate in canyoning, although pregnant women, dead drunks, and neophytes should not attempt it. Canyoning tours can also be customized to meet your specific needs. The cost of a canyoning tour includes complete canyoning gear, photos, and abseiling lessons. You can even customize your tour to include pick-up and drop-off services.

Saga du Rhum

A rum distillery offers tours of the process of brewing the beverage and tastings. You can also learn more about the history of the rum and enjoy a tour with a guide. This is the place to go in San Pierre to enjoy a great rum experience.

You can learn about the history of the island’s traditional rum at the Saga du Rhum distillery, which opened in 2008. The distillery dates back to 1845, and visitors can stroll the gardens in between the sugarcane crops. They can also tour a 1940s mill that was still in use until the late 1980s.

You can also visit the local market. The market is close to the city centre and the seafront. You can buy local products and tropical fruits from vendors there. You can also sample the local cuisine and buy handicrafts. You can even get a drink made from sugar cane juice.

Another place to visit in Saint Pierre is the Saga du Rhum museum. This is the oldest distillery on the island, and it’s home to a museum dedicated to rum. You can take an independent tour, or take a guided tour where you’ll get to ask questions. The museum also has detailed panels explaining the sugar cane and distillation process.

Saga des Neiges

The Saga des Neiges is a fascinating museum which uses a mix of historical, cultural and sensory approaches to present the island’s traditional heritage. It is also wheelchair accessible and offers a free tasting for adults. There are guided tours in English, Creole and Spanish. There are also reduced rates for students and groups.

Besides the Saga des Neiges, San Pierre is also home to the Piton des Neiges, Reunion’s tallest mountain. The park also features a cascade of black-tipped waterfalls, which cascade over the mountainside. The botanical garden is a short drive away from Saint-Pierre and offers visitors an opportunity to view the island’s diverse plant life. There are massive plantations of spices and perfumes, as well as numerous tropical fruit trees.

The town is renowned for its lively market on Saturday mornings. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, local artifacts and a wide variety of rum. You can also sample some rum at the bar. Parking in Saint Pierre is available at the Narassigua Peroumal Hindu temple and Jumbo-Score supermarket. The market is located above the beach and has various kiosks.

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