If you have a small kitchen, it’s important to maximize storage space. To do this, take items out of the kitchen that are rarely used and store them outside. This will allow more space for the things you use every day. Also, take out the trash more often to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Using a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is an excellent choice for a small kitchen storage solution. Its spinning top provides easy access to items stored in deep cabinets. Also, it prevents items from getting lost or misplaced. You can use a Lazy Susan to organize a wide range of items, including baking items and oils, vinegars, and jars.

One of the biggest challenges for many people is storing pots and pans. It can be cumbersome to bend over and find the right lids. Using a Lazy Susan allows you to organize these items more effectively, while giving you quick access to frequently used items. Another great way to use a Lazy Susan in your small kitchen is to use it as a cabinet to store pans and lids. This way, you can keep both large and small pots and pans in one place and easily find them. You can even add a label to help keep your items organized.

When used in a corner kitchen cabinet, a Lazy Susan will maximize space and make finding items easier. It is also easy to install. The Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susan set is a great choice for corner base cabinets. It features adjustable shelves, as well as kidney-shaped storage bins. This system is a best-seller at Home Depot. It is easy to install and is made of high-quality materials.

Using a refrigerator

If you have a small kitchen, one of the best storage and organization ideas is to use your refrigerator. It is usually equipped with adjustable shelves, so you can make use of them to store different kinds of food. You can also use a refrigerator mat to make cleaning easier. These mats are made of food-safe material, so they won’t affect the food in your refrigerator.

A divided drawer is great for keeping vegetables and fruits separated. Keeping vegetables and fruits in separate compartments makes meal preparation easy, and it also encourages healthy snacking. Color-coding the bins is also an effective way to stay organized and to keep track of different kinds of food.

Using reusable bags is another great storage idea. Large trays of meat can occupy a lot of space in the refrigerator. A reusable bag of meat will allow you to store it separately and keep it fresher for longer. These bags can be stacked upright or next to each other, and they can coordinate with the design of your refrigerator.

Another smart storage idea is to use the middle shelf of a refrigerator. This is the best place to store foods that have a short shelf life. For example, you can designate a bin for ‘eat first’ food, and a bin for ‘too-tall’ food. You can also store eggs in the middle shelf. Eggs need consistent temperatures to remain fresh. Perishables should be kept on the lower shelves of the fridge. If possible, place them in glass containers to avoid any spillage.

Using a pot rack

Pot racks can be a great solution for small kitchen storage issues. They offer great storage and flexibility, and they can be placed in a corner, inside a cabinet, or right on the counter. They are a great way to keep your kitchen organized, and some even have shelves for added storage space. They can also be used to organize pots and pans, including lids.

Pots and pans can be a real nightmare to store, but luckily there are many options. The most basic and effective method is to nest pots and pans. In addition, pots and pans can be protected by a protective pad. These are made from thick, flexible felt material and come in a variety of shapes. These can also be cut to fit inside the pans to provide extra protection.

For more storage options, consider using a pegboard system. This system will allow you to organize your pots and pans by handles and keeps them safe until you need them. You can also hang other kitchen items on pegboards, such as measuring cups. You can also hang a pot rack from the ceiling, which is ideal for small kitchens.

Using a wall-mounted basket

A wall-mounted basket is a great way to store small items such as cleaning supplies and trash bags without cluttering up your counter top. Baskets are also a great option for kitchens that don’t have a lot of counter space. Using these types of containers makes finding what you need easy.

Small kitchens often need creative organization. For example, the space above the fridge or cabinet is often unused and difficult to reach. Instead of wasting this space, use it for storing items you don’t use often. Make sure not to store heavy items in this space.

Wire baskets, such as the ones used for hanging paper towels, are another space-saving storage solution. You can hang them from the wall or attach a chain. You can use them to store ingredients, fruits and vegetables. Wire baskets are also extremely useful in the pantry. They can be used without labels, and they’re versatile enough to store multiple types of items.

Another great storage solution is a rake. These can double as hooks for kitchen utensils. They’re also great for minimizing your environmental impact and adding useful storage space. Pots and pans occupy a lot of space in cabinets, so you can use a rake to keep them off the floor. You can even hang pots and pans on the wall above the backsplash.

Using a pantry

One of the best storage solutions for a small kitchen is a pantry. Compared to a normal cabinet, a pantry has plenty of vertical space and is ideal for keeping dry goods and food items. It can be divided into several separate shelves. You can also use stacking bins to maximize vertical space.

You can use a tiered tray to organize grains and spices. For healthy snacks, you can store them in separate bins. Another clever way to organize your pantry is to place your fruits and vegetables in individual containers. This way, you can grab a healthy snack whenever you need to. Stacking also allows you to keep an inventory of your ingredients. You can also hang your measuring cups and other cooking tools to save on drawer space.

You can also use large bins and baskets to store similar items. Using transparent containers to organize your baking ingredients will make them easy to identify. Also, you can use solid-colored bins to create a streamlined look.

Using open shelving

Open shelves can be used for a variety of purposes, including displaying decor in the kitchen. They can also provide extra storage space, if your kitchen is tight on space. For example, you can use open shelving to group frequently used kitchen items together on the lower shelves. In addition, open shelving can be decorated with accessories in a color scheme that matches the rest of your kitchen.

You can also use open shelving as an extra work surface in your kitchen, either in the cabinetry or on a kitchen island. Besides using open shelves to store kitchenware, you can also add simple wall shelves to corral smaller items. You can also add a matching set of spice jars or place a serving platter or two under open shelving.

Open shelves are often adorned with art. It adds flair to the space and makes it look more stylish than traditional cabinets. However, styling them is a time-consuming process and may involve trial and error. Remember to revisit the layout every couple of months to keep it fresh and flexible. A quirky shelving arrangement may look charming one month, but may look crowded the next. Patience is key to creating a space that is tailored to your style.

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