What Is Littermate Syndrome?

Littermate syndrome is a term that is freely used in the dog community to describe a range of behaviors that dogs may experience with one another. These behaviors include severe separation anxiety, intense bouts of sibling aggression, and difficulty interacting with other dogs and humans. While there are few scientific studies to back up the existence of littermate syndrome, many breeders and dog behavioralists swear that it exists.


Littermate syndrome in dogs is a serious condition, which affects not only the puppies’ relationship with their owners, but also the puppy’s ability to learn new things. Dogs with littermate syndrome will avoid new stimuli and can have severe separation anxiety. This can cause the dog to have emotional meltdowns.

Littermate syndrome occurs when two young dogs are adopted at the same time, either from the same litter or adopted from different households. These dogs don’t necessarily have to be littermates, but can live together. The mother of the puppies raises the puppies for eight to ten weeks so that the puppies can learn important social skills, such as how to play, accept people, and give corrections. After this period, the puppies are sent to a new home to meet their new family and begin to bond.

Littermate syndrome can also cause a puppy to become shy and fearful, or socially awkward. It can also cause the puppy to develop severe co-dependency, where he or she will rely on the other puppy for comfort and security.


Dogs with littermate syndrome or sibling aggression are often competitive, overly protective, and possessive. They may also show aggressive behavior toward people and other pets. These behaviors can be mild or severe, depending on the breed. If you are concerned about your pet’s behavior, you may want to consult a dog behaviorist.

If your puppy exhibits aggression toward another pet, you should take steps to prevent it. You must first determine whether your dog has littermate syndrome. Having the same littermate can cause bad behavior in the siblings, and it can also affect your family. You can take measures to prevent littermate aggression, including proper introduction.

One of the main causes of littermate syndrome is a lack of socialization. Because puppies bond so closely, they cannot handle new situations or stimuli. This is one of the reasons why many dog professionals advise new owners not to get another pup from the same litter. In addition, some breeders refuse to place siblings in the same home.

If your dog does show signs of littermate syndrome, try to remove him from his littermate as soon as possible. However, you must not force him to remove his littermate. Doing so may cause more harm to him.


Littermate syndrome is a type of aggression that can develop between siblings, especially when they are of the same sex. Symptoms include intense fear and anxiety when separated, and trouble learning basic obedience skills. Long-term, the problem can develop into constant fighting between the two dogs. In extreme cases, the problem may be so severe that the owners will be forced to separate the dogs or rehome one to protect the other. While raising two puppies at once isn’t a guarantee against littermate syndrome, it can help them grow into well-adjusted and socialized pets.

It can also occur between puppies who are not related. When littermates live together, they form a deep bond that can make it difficult for the puppies to bond with other puppies or humans. This makes it harder for the puppies to reach their full potential. Victims’ puppies develop an unhealthy dependency on one another and lack the capacity to behave normally on their own. Littermates may even be unrelated but in the same household.


Dogs with littermate syndrome often exhibit various behavioral problems. These problems include aggression, extreme separation anxiety, and even basic obedience issues. Some dog owners have reported having to spend double the amount to buy a single puppy to correct their problems. Some trainers argue that littermates see everything as a competing threat.

This syndrome affects both male and female puppies. They tend to bond more intensely with their littermate siblings and have a harder time bonding with their human family. While littermates may not be related, this trait can affect puppies of any breed or age raised together. Fortunately, with specialized training, pet parents can prevent this problem.

Separation can also be a big factor in preventing this problem. Separating puppies from their littermate siblings early in their lives will help them form attachments with other dogs and humans. This will reduce their reliance on each other and reduce the risk of hyper-attachment.

The best way to prevent littermate syndrome is to prevent it from developing in the first place. While it is not always possible to prevent it, once the symptoms start to appear, they are much easier to address. As long as you keep an eye on your pup, you can help him overcome this behavioral issue.

One of the biggest problems of littermate syndrome is the fact that puppies are not always familiar with each other. They can become shy, fearful, or social when they are separated. They may also have a high degree of codependence, which means they will rely on the other puppy for comfort and support.

Problems with socialization

Littermate syndrome is a serious behavior problem that causes puppies to become overly focused on one another. They may not have the socialization skills to cope with new situations and may also fail to learn basic commands. This can lead to many problems for the pup, including potty training and housetraining issues. They may also develop aggressive behaviors and lack the confidence to interact with humans.

Littermate syndrome can also cause puppies to be withdrawn and shy. They may develop high levels of anxiety when separated from their littermates. They may even become destructive. They may refuse to eat alone or engage with toys when left alone. They may also develop severe codependency, relying on their littermate for comfort and security.

Littermate syndrome is a serious behavioral problem that can cause issues with bonding with their human family. Puppies with littermate syndrome have difficulty bonding with their owners and have trouble learning basic skills. Fortunately, pet parents can prevent littermate syndrome by providing specialized training for their puppies.

To prevent Littermate Syndrome from occurring, it’s best to begin early. The sooner a dog is diagnosed, the better, as it is much easier to address any underlying issues that may arise. This can be done by taking steps to train each dog separately.

Behavioral problems

Dogs who have littermate syndrome tend to be very codependent with one another, and it can be very difficult to separate them. Their separation anxiety can be severe, and they may not even want to go for walks alone. The good news is that the problem is preventable. If you’re worried that your dog has littermate syndrome, here are some tips that can help.

Dogs with littermate syndrome are likely to have behavioral problems and can even develop aggressive tendencies. This problem can affect puppies of any age, and can occur even if the pups are the same sex. In extreme cases, a dominant dog will bully its submissive counterpart, and the rivalry can even become dangerous. In such a case, it’s important to separate the dogs and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety. In extreme cases, it may even be necessary to rehome one dog to protect the other.

Dogs with littermate syndrome are more likely to develop aggressive behavior than unrelated dogs. While these attacks are rare, they do happen, and the dogs’ owners should be cautious. If you want to protect your puppies, it’s best to avoid bringing them into close quarters with one another.

As soon as your puppies reach seven weeks, start training them separately. It can be difficult to separate siblings, and if your dogs show any signs of littermate syndrome, you’ll have to put in extra hours and be very careful to separate them.

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